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Uruguay Female Condom Youth Acceptability Study

Abstract El objetivo general del proyecto fue diseñar e implementar una experiencia piloto de promoción del condón femenino con adolescentes y jóvenes uruguayos/as mayores de [...]

19 de febrero de 2019|

ENC: New condom study: Are Men in Sub-Saharan Africa Willing to Pay for Condoms (if free condoms were unavailable)?

Executive Summary HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) continue to be among the greatest public health threats worldwide, especially in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). [...]

24 de diciembre de 2018|

Assessing the Total Market for Female Condoms in Malawi and Zambia

Executive Summary The female condom (FC) is the only woman-initiated contraceptive that offers triple protection against unintended pregnancy, HIV, and other sexually transmitted infections [...]

18 de septiembre de 2018|

From pilot study to public policy: Promotion and distribution of the female condom in Uruguay

Abstract Promotion of the FC in Uruguay is one of a series of global and regional activities supporting the Comprehensive Condom Programme (CCP), on [...]

15 de septiembre de 2017|

South African Health Review 2017

Recommended to read: Chapter 14 Twenty years of the female condom programme in South Africa: past, present, and future The female condom (FC) was introduced in [...]

1 de mayo de 2017|

Male and Female Condoms: What Do Women of a Subnormal Agglomerate Know

Abstract Evaluate the knowledge about male and female condoms among women living in subnormal agglomerate and identify sources of information and appropriate care to use. [...]

28 de abril de 2016|

Building Young Women’s Knowledge and Skills in Female Condom Use: Lessons Learned from a South African Intervention

Abstract Partner negotiation and insertion difficulties are key barriers to female condom (FC) use in sub-Saharan Africa. Few FC interventions have provided comprehensive training [...]

8 de marzo de 2016|

Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices and Behaviors Associated with Female Condoms in Developing Countries: a Scoping Review

Abstract Women in developing countries are at high risk of HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and unplanned pregnancy. The female condom (FC) is an effective dual [...]

1 de septiembre de 2015|

A Randomized Non-inferiority Crossover Controlled Trial of the Functional Performance and Safety of New Female Condoms: an Evaluation of the Velvet, Cupid2, and FC2

Abstract Objectives New designs of female condoms have been developed to lower cost and/or improve acceptability. To secure regulatory approvals, clinical studies are required [...]

1 de septiembre de 2015|

Female Condom Use and Adoption Among Men and Women in a General Low-Income Urban U.S. Population

Abstract HIV prevention is increasingly focused on antiretroviral treatment of infected or uninfected persons. However, barrier methods like male condoms (MC) and female condoms (FC) [...]

1 de septiembre de 2015|
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