Promotion of the FC in Uruguay is one of a series of global and regional activities supporting the Comprehensive Condom Programme (CCP), on behalf of the United Nations Systems. It is a key strategy for responding to and expanding demand for condoms, ensuring the availability and distribution of high quality condoms, and strengthening advocacy and institutional development in order to ensure that the programme can be sustained in the long term.

The female condom (FC) has been available in Uruguay since 2013, following a UNFPA donation of 300,000 units. Since then, the Uruguayan Ministry of Public Health (MSP) and State Health Administration Services (ASSE), together with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), have developed various strategies to promote and distribute supplies of the product in order to guarantee access to both male and female users who are treated within the public health service.

Experience gained from activities carried out in Uruguay (FC Satisfaction Study in 2014 and the Pilot Scheme for Promotion and Distribution of the FC in 2015) has provided access to first-hand and up-to-date information on the use of the FC and its distribution chain. In addition, the entire process has been monitored and assessed by the different agents involved, which has enabled weaker elements of the process, as well as its strengths, to be identified

(Translated into English and adapted from the original publication ‘Experiencias de promoción del condón femenino en Uruguay’  by UNFPA Uruguay.)